About Us

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OO movers is a new and better type of moving company. Through modern communication we are able to connect the consumer direct to the men who actually move them without the negative influence of a middle man "BOSS" to drain all the money and the joy from the work. Our movers are all owner operators who enjoy the rewards and responsibilities of being a self employed business owner. We offer the customer mover direct pricing and service from a mover who has a vested interest in his work.
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In 2016 we are proud to be one of Canada's largest moving companies. OO movers offers service to all points across the country and local move service in the major cities of Alberta and British Columbia. Over the next years we plan to expand our local move service across Canada. As a multi million dollar business, we are able to insure all our work and offer a satisfaction guarantee few other moving companies can match. Some of our partner owner operators are approaching their 10 year anniversary as members and we have a long list of new members waiting to join up.

OO movers is a success today because it offers the mover work with dignity and rewards while providing the customer better value for their moving dollar. With more time and luck we hope to influence the entire industry in a positive way and make moving more of the respected trade it deserves to be.
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