Blog Where Do movers Buy Their "Stuff"?

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One of the perks of being a mover is all the free stuff people give you. Movers don't buy furniture They acquire it and every piece in my home has an interesting story.

My bedroom set came from a dead rich guy estate move. He left so much money they just gave away his stuff. He had several houses, a Roll Royce in the garage, and the bedroom set was all green silk including drapes. I have never felt pillows so soft. They say he never really slept in it. My kitchen table was part of a complete house full of good stuff the divorcing couple paid me to take to the dump. The executive office chair in my office only came with a few shotgun pellets from when the slighted wife paid back her cheating husband at his office. My armoire was just too big to fit in the ladies locker and she had to catch a plane.

Another source of furniture is when we do major damage and have to replace an item. I have a lovely Italian marble table 6 feet long in my garden . Too bad it was once 10 feet and cost me three grand to replace. My wooden desktop has only one huge gouge in the corner but it was new when I first picked it up.

Once you have moved a thousand people you see a lot of life and learn some lessons. The first one is that possessions all just unimportant "stuff" and you can't take it with you. Move a few seniors into old age homes and you will learn that soon enough. Happiness in life is definitely not linked to having more and better "stuff". It is probably better that not to have much "stuff" and it is a waste of time to embody "stuff" with emotions. Sentimental value exists only in the mind of the owner and the "stuff" doesn't come with any feelings at all. That's why I can write to you from a dead man's chair. It's just a piece of "stuff" to me.

Posted By Stepan On 13-Jun-2016