Blog Moving is About People NOT Furniture

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Ask any mover about the best and worst part of his job and the answer will be the same... the customers.

Interaction with our clients can be the best and most interesting part of our day. We get to see people close up without a lot of the veils they put in front of others. Moving day usually means a big change in their lives and they are excited. Often times it is a move upwards and the client shares that joy with us through tips and good humor. Many times on smaller moves where the client is helping we share time and stories together. It is not uncommon to meet a new business connection, friend or even a girlfriend on the job.

On the other hand a stressed out client can be a nightmare. Many times moves are negative experiences for the client and moving day is the peak stress. Like any human sometimes they react to their problems by lashing out at others. The truth is that under the stress of moving day the customer is not always right and is quite often wrong.

The best and most successful movers are also good psychologists. They read their client's mood and try to reduce the stress by humor and understanding as needed. The pleasures of moving people is the only thing that keeps anyone in this job for a long time . Moving isn't about furniture. That's just stuff.

Posted By Davor On 26-Jan-2017