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Owner Operators are
the future of moving

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Most Employee Movers Are Unhappy, Transient Workers

Low wages, irregular hours, no benefits brutally hard work make moving a last choice employment. Basic employee movers are often unhappy and unskilled transient workers with a poor attitude. Few choose moving as a career.

Many of the "experienced movers" are unable to get a better job because of substance abuse problems. Employee movers are rarely the caring professionals shown in the fake photos seen on moving company ads & websites.

Owner Operator
Basic Employee
Profit share
Truly Cares
Low Wages
No Benefits
No Future
Doesn't Care

Actual movers may appear different. Photos for display purpose only. Model for both photos - Mike D. Owner Operator / Sunshine Coast BC

Attitude is Everything!

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Owner Operator Movers love their work because they make great money and are their own boss. They get to choose their helpers, who are usually best friends and even sometimes if they're very lucky we have seen them work with their own sons or brothers. They feel fulfilled and are happy in their work.

Owner Operator movers bring an emotional and financial commitment to your move that employee movers simply cannot have. This is not a just another job to them. It is their life! They truly are movers that care!

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