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Moving represents a major life change that compounds the stress associated with the time, money and work needed to complete the job. Even with diligent planning, things can still go wrong during a move. Charged emotions and dwindling patience can turn a difficult process into a nightmare. Make your move go smoothly by learning about ten common moving mistakes to avoid.

1. Thinking You Have More Time Than You Do

Unwarranted optimism regarding the time and effort required to move often fuels procrastination. Moving already means that you have countless worries and mixed emotions, so avoid computing the pressure that you feel by trying to do too much in too little time. This mistake can lead to panic as well as damaged property and forgotten priorities.

Mark your calendar at least eight weeks before your move-out date to give yourself enough time to plan, schedule and execute every phase of the moving process. Remembering to keep ..

Posted By Stepan On 25-May-2017


The Canada moving industry is full of quick buck artists, but BBB membership is only available to the good guys. Feel secure knowing that you are being taken care of by experienced, vetted and serious hard-working men who enjoy what they do and strive to make an often stressful experience into the enjoyable, exciting shift into something new that moving should be.

Posted By Stepan On 27-Apr-2016


Ask any mover about the best and worst part of his job and the answer will be the same... the customers.

Interaction with our clients can be the best and most interesting part of our day. We get to see people close up without a lot of the veils they put in front of others. Moving day usually means a big change in their lives and they are excited. Often times it is a move upwards and the client shares that joy with us through tips and good humor. Many times on smaller moves where the client is helping we share time and stories together. It is not uncommon to meet a new business connection, friend or even a girlfriend on the job.

On the other hand a stressed out client can be a nightmare. Many times moves are negative experiences for the client and moving day is the peak stress. Like any human sometimes they react to their problems by lashing out at others. The truth is that under the stress of moving day the customer is not always right and is quite often wrong ..

Posted By Davor On 26-Jan-2017


I am so please to call myself one of the newest members to the Owner Operator Mover's team. I had worked in customer service for the majority of my career, but witnessing the organization and dedication of the Owner Operator staff has been a great learning experience. We don't just move people's stuff, we move people's lives, and here we take that very seriously. Doing a move with us is like booking a finely tuned machine. Every aspect of the move is documented and orchestrated to down to the finest point. We do countless checks within our company to make sure information is correct, and that your move day runs without a hitch! I was unaware of how much work goes into this end of a move, and I'm sure that other companies do not run as smoothly and as professionally as we do here. Owner Operator moves takes moving to another level, using different aspects of technology to keep actual mover trucks in close contact, when they are not at the office, with office staff. The company i ..

Posted By Stepan On 27-Apr-2016


One of the perks of being a mover is all the free stuff people give you. Movers don't buy furniture They acquire it and every piece in my home has an interesting story.

My bedroom set came from a dead rich guy estate move. He left so much money they just gave away his stuff. He had several houses, a Roll Royce in the garage, and the bedroom set was all green silk including drapes. I have never felt pillows so soft. They say he never really slept in it. My kitchen table was part of a complete house full of good stuff the divorcing couple paid me to take to the dump. The executive office chair in my office only came with a few shotgun pellets from when the slighted wife paid back her cheating husband at his office. My armoire was just too big to fit in the ladies locker and she had to catch a plane.

Another source of furniture is when we do major damage and have to replace an item. I have a lovely Italian marble table 6 feet long in my garden . Too bad it was once 10 ..

Posted By Stepan On 13-Jun-2016