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Low Prices & Quality Service

Low Prices

Quality Service

Rates from $89 per hour · No minimum time · No deposit

The ugly truth about movers

Most movers are underpaid and work slowly.

Our movers are shareholders!

We are motivated to work harder and faster.

The ugly truth

about movers

Most movers are

underpaid and unhappy.

Our movers

are shareholders!

We are motivated to

work harder and faster.

Legendary Reputation

1000's of positive reviews

22 Year Better Business Bureau Member

22 Year

Better Business
Bureau Member
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Meet Our Edmonton Movers

Meet Our
Edmonton Movers

The heart of our moving company

Back of Truck

Mike G

St. Albert, AB Movers

42 Positive Reviews

I love my job because I get to meet new customers every day and help them move to their new place. Moving is stressful enough but seeing the satisfaction and smiles of our customers after they have put their trust in us is really what pushes me to give my clients the best moving experience. I move every customer in St. Albert as if it was my own grandmother's house. Book with OO & Mike today to get the best professional moving experience you have ever had, you're just one call away.


Fort McMurray, AB Movers

98 Positive Reviews

My favorite type of customer is someone that is up for a laugh. Having someone to joke with throughout the day makes a tough job go by so much quicker. In the best case scenario, the customer will be too busy laughing to worry about their stress on move day. Even when it is For McMurray levels of cold, nothing passes the time faster than humor. The next thing you know, the job is done, and everyone is in a better mood. So, if you're looking for a great customer experience, look for someone who is up for a laugh, and you won't be disappointed.

Chris T

Fort Saskatchewan, AB Movers

63 Positive Reviews

What’s my favorite part of being an Owner Operator? I don’t have to answer to anyone but the customer. This makes it so much easier to just focus on moving. At the end of the day, I have no one to report to. I started with OO Movers years ago as a helper to Brent. He taught me all the tricks he learned in over 25 years of moving around Fort Saskatchewan. Brent has retired and I bought his truck so I am my own boss and could not be happier.

Dave B

Sherwood Park, AB Movers

57 Positive Reviews

Moving appeals to me because it keeps me young. I’ve been moving to Sherwood Park for nearly 20 years, but feel like I could keep going forever. The toughest job I’ve ever done was a piano move from a third-floor room. One of the straps broke as we were going down the stairs, but we managed to carefully guide the piano out of the house without a scratch. I could never do a sit-down office job, I need to be on the move. So, I’m thankful for the opportunity to keep moving and stay young. Owner-operator movers are the best, and I’m proud to be one.

Joe W

Spruce Grove, AB Movers

20 Positive Reviews

I pull a 40-foot gooseneck low-ride moving trailer behind my one-ton cab. I am a proud long-distance mover on the Alberta to BC run. Loading and unloading in Edmonton and Calgary and Spruce Grove tend to be easy with any truck because there is so much room on the streets to park and maneuver a big rig, but the flexibility of the gooseneck trailer proves its worth down the narrow alleys of downtown Vancouver‘s West End. Experience has taught me that the low-ride trailer is the best choice for this route, as it allows me to navigate tight turns and narrow streets. The low ride also helps me to keep the trailer level, which is important when hauling heavy.

Eric O

Fort McMurray, AB Movers

83 Positive Reviews

Piano moving has always been my favorite kind of moving work around Fort McMurray. The first time I moved a baby grand it was overseas and a specialist showed me how to dismantle much more than is typically done in a local move. It was a thing of beauty the way that beastly huge weight was repacked in so many manageable pieces. He taught me how to move with precision which has benefited me ever since in all my piano moves. I love the challenge of getting a piano into a tight spot and the satisfaction of a job well done.

Sean R

Stony Plain, AB Movers

57 Positive Reviews

My uncle Chris was a dispatcher for OO movers for several years and it was not long after high school I began working with them as a helper in Stony Plain. In a few years, I was driving a huge 5-ton truck in heavy traffic as easily as riding a bike. Being a good mover requires that you train with experienced and qualified men. I was lucky with my family to have this opportunity so young, and I learned a lot from my uncle and the other drivers to become a professional mover. Now I have my own business and I'm proud to say that I'm still using the same techniques and methods that I learned from my uncle.

Alex J

St. Albert, AB Movers

101 Positive Reviews

I enjoy moving here in the St. Albert area because of the human contact and meeting interesting new people every day and helping them at this difficult time in their lives. Moving is satisfying, you come into chaos, where everyone is stressed, and by the time you leave, you can feel the weight lift off the shoulders of your clients. It is very satisfying to make people happy and to help them start a new chapter in their lives. Remember, moving is not just about the physical act of moving, it is about the emotional journey that comes with it.

Anees M

Leduc, AB Movers

12 Positive Reviews

I started my moving career in Leduc in 2015. My very first move was a couch delivery for someone from Facebook Marketplace, I quickly realized that I had the potential for more. Over the next year, I expanded to doing small residential moves. Thanks to my strong work ethic and excellent standards of service, I now run my own crew, own 3 full-size moving trucks, and I can handle moves of any size. I have moved tens of families and businesses in the Edmonton area and I am proud to be a part of the local moving community.

Andrei B

Maple Ridge, BC Movers

47 Positive Reviews

My best piece of moving advice would be that preparation is key. Careful packing and organization of your belongings can cut hours off the job. It not only cuts down on the number of trips needed to and from the moving truck, but proper packing makes it easier for me to maneuver all your belongings into one truckload. Everyone wins because you pay less and I make it home on time to Maple Ridge for dinner. Moving doesn't need to be a stressful experience, so take the time to plan and prepare for the move and you'll be glad you did.

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Owners Care

Owner Operator Movers Edmonton

Our movers own the company!

Owner Operator
Movers Edmonton

Our movers own the company!

Typical Employee Mover

Typical Employee Mover

  • Low wage labourer
  • Damage prone
  • Doesn't care about you

Most movers are unhappy

Low wages, no benefits or security, and brutally hard work make working for a moving company a last choice career. Employee movers are often unhappy and unskilled transient workers with a poor attitude. A mover that truly cares is often flaunted in advertising, but in reality, they are as rare as a unicorn.

Owner Operator Mover

Owner Operator Mover

  • Skilled and efficient
  • Pays for his mistakes
  • Commitment & trust

Attitude is everything

Owner Operator Movers love their work because they make great money and are their own bosses. They get to choose their helpers, who are often good friends or family and the entire team takes pride in their work. Owner Operators are happy movers, rarely seen in other moving companies.

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No Typical Mover Upcharges

No Upcharges!

No Minimum Time Billing by the minute
No Month-End Hike The same fair price every day
No Deposit Required Free cancellation
Mover of the Month
June 2024
Claude B
Sherwood Park, AB Mover
116 Positive Reviews

Edmonton Local & Long Distance Movers

Movers near you or across Canada

Edmonton Local Movers

Edmonton is a very mobile city. We have more moving companies here than in a normal Canadian city twice our size. It is also a great place for amatuer movers to get started in business. Don’t be a training ground for the new guy in town. Trust Owner Operator Movers Edmonton to send you a trained professional.

It takes a couple of years moving big moves and small moves, all different types of furniture in different situations to learn to be a good mover. Many employees are casual labor in this industry and it shows in the level of damage complaints. We have been a member of the Edmonton BBB since 2002 and some of our movers from then are still with us. The local move crews usually bill out by the hour and serve the suburbs of Sherwood Park, St Albert, Spruce Grove, Fort Saskatchewan and the Leduc area at the same low rates.

Alberta Movers

Expensive long distance style moves are not necessary when moving from Edmonton to a different Albertan city. Our local team can take you to Fort McMurray, Athabasca, or Red Deer at cheaper local move rates. Long Distance movers charge more because they need to run huge trucks and have expenses that are unnecessary for moves within Northern Alberta.

When we move someone to Peace River or Lloydminster, the cheapest option is to load up the truck a day before the move. This lets us drive out of Edmonton before morning traffic picks up and return home the same day as completing the move. We reach maximum efficiency by using good logistics and avoid the customer having to pay for an overnight crew.

Alberta to BC Movers

Here at OO movers, we have offered the so called “Triangle Run” between Alberta and BC for years. Twice a month year round, as well as weekly in the summer, we have runs between Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver. Regularly, we also take customers’ cargo from Alberta directly to Victoria and Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. We are able to support a system that follows a regular schedule, as well as keeps costs low, because we have offices in each destination city.

Usually, moving between provinces uses large trucks where your belongings are consolidated with other clients’. This keeps the price low for everyone. We are usually able to carry your possessions direct from you house to your destination without spending extra on warehousing and unnecessary handling, because we ship so often. Our per-pound long distance moving rates are very competitive and come along with our outstanding standard of service to help you relocate to a new province.

Canadian Movers

Owner Operator Movers Edmonton is partnered with some of the most experienced and hard working Ontario to BC movers in Canada. They are all owners who care. Very few cross Canada movers originate in Edmonton. The majority of them are from Ontario because that is the largest population center in Canada and that is where most trips begin or end. Most of these across Canada, long distance movers follow the southern route through Calgary and charge an extra fee to divert to Edmonton.

OO movers Edmonton is linked with offices in Calgary and Vancouver so we can provide full support to our big trailers with loading crews and storage facilities in each city. Our moves that pickup or drop in Edmonton are charged at the same price as Calgary.

Edmonton Packing Service

Often, packing is actually more difficult than the move itself. Proper packing takes much more time than most people have in their busy lives. Our experienced crews can make the painful process of packing happen effortlessly or can help out as much or as little as needed. We can carefully pack everything from your fine china to that messy garage. Our most common packing request is kitchen packing service or just to bring extra wardrobe boxes.

Our Edmonton movers group encourage the use of plastic tubs and used boxes for moving whenever possible. Reusable packaging is more environmentally friendly than even the most easily recycled material. Liquor stores and produce sections of grocery stores always have lots of free boxes that can be reused for moving.

Owner Operators Movers Edmonton also provides moving service to these nearby areas.