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Owner Operator: Tim L

Owner Operator: Tim L

used oo movers yesterday.tim and joshua were fantastic. came on time,in fact early..worked quick and careful.would recommend them

Shannon H, Kelowna

Shannon H, Kelowna

used oo movers yesterday.tim and joshua were fantastic. came on time,in fact early..worked quick and careful.would recommend them

  • Owner Operator
  • Tim L
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Our Kelowna Moving Team

Local movers serving the Okanagan Valley

Tim L

Peachland Movers

15 Reviews

Thank goodness I have a job that requires me to burn endless calories

Thank goodness I have a job that requires me to burn endless calories

If I was not a mover with OO movers Kelowna, I would be twice my size. I love to eat and food only comes in large sizes for me. Thank goodness I have a job that requires me to burn endless calories. I tried to do the math once and the multi thousand calorie burn of a three story walkup mover was staggering. So send me your hard work and keep the pizza coming.

Cole R

Kelowna Movers

6 Reviews

Moving keeps me interested because I get to meet new people and visit new places every day.

Moving keeps me interested because I get to meet new people and visit new places every day.

I started moving nearly 20 years ago. For the first while I worked with 12 different companies and learned a lot about the industry, but then decided to open up my own business. I bought my first truck a decade ago and am still going strong. Moving keeps me interested because I get to meet new people and visit new places every day.

Irwin F

Vernon Movers

Even though my truck is old, I am not

Even though my truck is old, I am not

Local moving here in Kelowna and down the Okanagan Valley is my business. My truck is too old to run to the big stink on the coast but we have other partners here at OO movers Kelowna that can help you with that. Even though my truck is old, I am not and I can move you quickly and safely. Let me show you what owner operator attitude and motivation is all about.

Johnny S

Penticton Movers

Now today I have a strong base of repeat customers

Now today I have a strong base of repeat customers

I moved to Kelowna to enjoy the good life in BC’s best resort town and it has proven to be a good choice. I started my own moving company here after working with my brother on a truck in Vancouver for six years. Now today I have a strong base of repeat customers and steady work with my partners at OO movers Kelowna. I look forward to moving here in the OK valley for a long time to come.

Johnson O

Kelowna Movers

Because I enjoyed the freedom and the strong physical labor

Because I enjoyed the freedom and the strong physical labor

I first started moving because I needed work and money. It was a good job for me because I enjoyed the freedom and the strong physical labor. A few years ago I inherited a sizable amount of money and almost stopped moving. It was not long before I missed the exercise and fresh air of the job and returned to it even though I may not be so hungry for money.

Ryne M

Vancouver Movers

155 Reviews

On my last paycheck they even paid me double

On my last paycheck they even paid me double

What I always liked about working with the OO movers group is that they took care of my money so well. Ask any experienced mover and he will tell you stories of moving companies that cheated him. The Owner Operator group is always correct and fair when it comes to money and always err in the movers favour. On my last paycheck they even paid me double.

Canada Wide Long Distance Movers

Low Cost · Share a Load · Weekly Trips Canada Long Distance Movers
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Moving to Kelowna

Learn from our Kelowna movers

About Kelowna

Surrounded by mountains, Kelowna is a scenic city that boasts the richness of nature with several vineyards, orchards, parks, and lush golf courses. The name of the city originates from the Okanagan word for ‘grizzly bear,’ which fits perfectly as Kelowna is the largest city in the Okanagan Valley with a population that stretches over 200,000. With an international airport that offers daily flights to Toronto, Kelowna is the central business and transportation hub in the Okanagan Valley and an undiscovered gem in the Southern Interior of British Columbia.


Summers in Kelowna are hot, dry, and sunny while winters are cloudy and cool. The city has a year-round average temperature of 14.3 °C, which is one of the highest in all of Canada.

Arts & Culture

The city has a rich cultural heritage that is exhibited in the Kelowna Art Gallery the annual Center of Gravity Festival hosted in City Park. Kelowna is internationally recognized for its wineries and the city has several sports leagues including the Okanagan Challenge, a Pacific Coast Soccer League, and the Kelowna Falcons, a West Coast Collegiate Baseball League.

Our Favourite Places

Summerhill Pyramid Winery 4870 Chute Lake Rd, Kelowna, BC V1W 4M3

Want to give your taste buds a treat? Stop by this beautiful winery for the amazing products of a well-kept Kelowna vineyard.

McMillan Farms 3690 Berard Rd #1, Kelowna, BC V1W 4A9

Explore this 110-acre farm, complete with a corn maze and pumpkin patch that is always a fun and thrilling experience.

Broken Anchor 2355 Gordon Dr, Kelowna, BC V1W 3C2

Tasty seafood options fresh off one of Kelowna's best seafood markets – Fish & Chips never tasted better!

Grizzly Bear Bistro & Bar 1730 Pier Mac Way #103, Kelowna, BC V1V 3E7

Named after the city, in the Okanagan-English translation, the Grizzly Bear Bistro & Bar is a homegrown dining experience with a Northern American menu that highlights Canadian food staples.

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Local & Long Distance Moving Services

Send me to the big city so I can enjoy coming home

Kelowna Local Movers

Our Okanagan Valley movers are the happiest bunch of hard working men you will ever meet. The fresh air and climate of the valley are much more pleasant working conditions than the rains of Vancouver or the freezing winds of Alberta. OO movers local movers service “Metro” Kelown from Peachland and Westbank to Lake Country in the north, but their favorite moves are down the lake to places like Penticton and Osoyoos or up north to Vernon or Kamloops.

Let us quote on your local move or delivery and discover how affordable we are. We will give you peace of mind knowing that your move will be handled in a professional and considerate manner by a mover that cares about his work.

BC Movers

Our local Kelowna movers service all the region within a days drive including Victoria on Vancouver Island and sometimes as far east as Calgary. Any season of the year, every day except Christmas. Of all our destinations, moving from Kelowna to Vancouver is the biggest part of our long distance moving business at OO movers Kelowna. We should probably rephrase that though, to “moving from Vancouver to Kelowna.“ Many of our clients are Vancouverites coming up here to live in style with their fistfulls of inflated Vancouver real estate money. We welcome you all with open arms.

If you need a full house mover or have just a few pieces to add to our load, we can offer you very competitive rates and outstanding service from, dare I say it again, a mover who cares. Experience the difference!

BC to Alberta Movers

The “Triangle Route” Travels from Vancouver to Calgary, then on to Edmonton. At OO movers, we have trucks that run the trip every two weeks, as well as every week during the summer. It is cheap and easy to load into a Triangle Route truck headed for Alberta, through Kelowna. Our local movers can help the long distance movers load the truck to save time and money on the stopover.

When you move long distance, your belongings are packed into a gigantic truck that is also carrying cargo from other clients. This is why it is such a great idea to take advantage of the long distance runs that are already passing through Kelowna. Book our fantastic long distance movers, and get a competitive per-pound rate on your move from Kelowna to Calgary or Edmonton.

Canadian Movers

Cross Canada movers are almost all experienced movers that have worked their way up to owning and operating their own trucks. Most long distance movers are Owner Operators but only a few of them belong to our organization, OO movers. Many of the rest haul for the big van lines who charge you a lot and keep most of the money for themselves. Our mission is to connect the consumer direct as possible to the men who actually do the work and build a positive relationship where the client saves money and the mover makes more. That sounds impossible, but it doesn’t need to be if you take the big boss man or brand name out of the picture.

Owner Operator Movers Kelowna has partners who regularly carry cargo between BC and Ontario, Toronto, Montreal and Eastern Canada. If your move is big or small give us a call and we will provide you with a fixed price long distance moving quote better than any.

Piano Movers and Packing Service

Our movers have the strength of an elephant and the gentle touch of a butterfly

Piano Movers

Piano moving is not something to take lightly. It is the most challenging task that a mover ever has to do and contains a high risk of expensive damage and even human injury. Dropping a piano is no joke, even though it is the stuff of cartoon legend.

Not every Kelowna moving company has the ability to move pianos. Our piano movers are properly trained and equipped to move your prized instrument safely. Visit our piano movers page to meet our heros who have the skill and confidence to move the “monster pieces” like pool tables, hot tubs, safes, and pianos.

More About Piano Movers

Packing Service

Packing is the hardest part of moving and takes more time and effort than the average person has in their busy life. Our crews are experienced at packing and can make this painful task happen quickly and efficiently. Whether you just want us to pack a few treasures, the kitchen, or your entire home, our skilled packers will work with you to keep the cost low and take as little time as possible.

Our Kelowna Owner Operator movers are family men and care about the future of our planet so we encourage packing with used boxes and reusable plastic tubs if possible. Even the most efficient recycling system is not as green as directly reusing materials. Plastic tubs can be rented and many stores (Especially grocery and liquor stores) give away free boxes that can be reused for moving. Take advantage of the chance to save money and help save the planet!

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