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Better Business Bureau

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The Better Business Bureau is the only place to find movers with a code of behaviour and ethics you can trust as a consumer. The moving industry is crowded with dishonest, unethical and just plain bad people. Movers have more BBB complaints than any other industry. To do business with a company that is not a BBB member is a high risk to you, and you should ask yourself if it is really worth it.

We started our relationship with the BBB in 1992, and have been proud members since 2000 in Lower Mainland, North Alberta and South Alberta.

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Lloyds is our Commercial General Liability Insurer. As the worlds first and oldest insurance company, you know you can count on them. We have been clients of Lloyd's for more that 20 years and have never submitted a claim, however when that time comes we know Lloyds will be there for you and for us.

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Norton Verisign

Norton Verisign sets the standard for internet security and all of our web-based products are guaranteed by Norton Verisign to be secure. Your personal information is only used for purposes authorized by you and is fully encrypted for 100 percent security. Please click here to see more information about our privacy policy.

Worksafe BC and WCB Alberta

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Moving can be a dangerous business and if an accident happens you can rest assured that all your movers are properly covered by workers compensation insurance. Our office has WCB clearance of file for all movers available on demand. Proper WCB coverage is a major part of our peace of mind program to give you full confidence on moving day.

Terms and Conditions

Read Terms & Conditions We want to be a business where everyone acts with integrity — where we’re honest and respectful. When it comes to how we treat one another, it’s critical that we’re all on the same page. To help with this, we’ve outlined some best practices in our Standards of Care