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How Much Will My Move Cost?

At Minimove we usually charge by the hour at a rate that varies depending on the circumstances of your move. We avoid hidden costs and believe in full transparency when discussing money, however, to simply provide you with an hourly rate is no real indication of what your final moving cost will be.

To choose a mover based upon an hourly rate is highly misleading as to final cost and is the biggest mistake you can make concerning this important and stressful time in your life. Please call us and have a detailed discussion with one of our highly experienced move-co-ordinators to obtain an honest quote on your moving cost.

Every person's move is unique and there are many factors that decide how much the final cost will be. Some factors will be fixed and some are variable. In every case there are ways the final cost can be influenced by the mover and by you, the customer . Click on the "More" link below to view a detailed breakdown of what to expect at billing time and most importantly how you can help to reduce your moving costs.

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No Minimum Time Charge

To us, fair pricing means charging only for the time we work. You may think this would be standard practice, but a 4 hour minimum and billing by the hour is standard practice for most moving companies. We want you to feel you have been treated fairly. That is why we have no minimum for work time and our move time will always be charged by the minute. We understand that you work hard for your money, and we think it is only fair and honest to do the same for you.

Free Insurance

We pride ourselves on being quality movers that will move your items with care every time. We have very few damages, however accidents happen. Should an item sustain damage in our care we accept the responsibility to restore the item to the same condition as when we picked it up. If repairs are not possible, we will replace the item with one of comparable quality or credit to your account an amount equal to the depreciated value of the item.

Beware of Scams

Ask the right questions and be properly informed about the insurance for your items. Here are some important facts to be aware of:

  1. Insurance MUST be free. Only insurance companies can legally sell insurance. When a moving company asks you to pay a “premium” for insurance not only are they lying, they are probably breaking the law.
  2. With or without insurance a professional mover is always liable for damage or loss. Cargo insurance simply pays the mover when he has an accident. The mover must pay you for damages whether he has insurance to help him out or not.
  3. Never accept or sign off to release your belongings with “$0.60 / lb coverage”. What you are accepting is a legal government minimum designed for freight cargo where the typical shipper buys or provides his own supplementary insurance. This is an old trick movers do to make you think you are getting insurance. It is still legal in Alberta, but not in BC. Think about it: Your 30 pound , 50 inch flat screen TV would only have a claim value of $18. Not enough!