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Low Prices & Quality Service

Low Prices

Quality Service

Rates from $89 per hour · No minimum time · No deposit

The ugly truth about movers

Most movers are underpaid and work slowly.

Our movers are shareholders!

We are motivated to work harder and faster.

The ugly truth

about movers

Most movers are

underpaid and unhappy.

Our movers

are shareholders!

We are motivated to

work harder and faster.

Legendary Reputation

1000's of positive reviews

22 Year Better Business Bureau Member

22 Year

Better Business
Bureau Member
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Meet Our Kelowna Movers

Meet Our
Kelowna Movers

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Owners Care

Owner Operator Movers Kelowna

Our movers own the company!

Owner Operator
Movers Kelowna

Our movers own the company!

Typical Employee Mover

Typical Employee Mover

  • Low wage labourer
  • Damage prone
  • Doesn't care about you

Most movers are unhappy

Low wages, no benefits or security, and brutally hard work make working for a moving company a last choice career. Employee movers are often unhappy and unskilled transient workers with a poor attitude. A mover that truly cares is often flaunted in advertising, but in reality, they are as rare as a unicorn.

Owner Operator Mover

Owner Operator Mover

  • Skilled and efficient
  • Pays for his mistakes
  • Commitment & trust

Attitude is everything

Owner Operator Movers love their work because they make great money and are their own bosses. They get to choose their helpers, who are often good friends or family and the entire team takes pride in their work. Owner Operators are happy movers, rarely seen in other moving companies.

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No Typical Mover Upcharges

No Upcharges!

No Minimum Time Billing by the minute
No Month-End Hike The same fair price every day
No Deposit Required Free cancellation
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Kelowna Local & Long Distance Movers

Movers near you or across Canada

Kelowna Local Movers

Our Okanagan Valley movers are the happiest bunch of hard working men you will ever meet. The fresh air and climate of the valley are much more pleasant working conditions than the rains of Vancouver or the freezing winds of Alberta. OO movers local movers service “Metro” Kelown from Peachland and Westbank to Lake Country in the north, but their favorite moves are down the lake to places like Penticton and Osoyoos or up north to Vernon or Kamloops.

Let us quote on your local move or delivery and discover how affordable we are. We will give you peace of mind knowing that your move will be handled in a professional and considerate manner by a mover that cares about his work.

BC Movers

Our local Kelowna movers service all the region within a days drive including Victoria on Vancouver Island and sometimes as far east as Calgary. Any season of the year, every day except Christmas. Of all our destinations, moving from Kelowna to Vancouver is the biggest part of our long distance moving business at OO movers Kelowna. We should probably rephrase that though, to “moving from Vancouver to Kelowna.“ Many of our clients are Vancouverites coming up here to live in style with their fistfulls of inflated Vancouver real estate money. We welcome you all with open arms.

If you need a full house mover or have just a few pieces to add to our load, we can offer you very competitive rates and outstanding service from, dare I say it again, a mover who cares. Experience the difference!

BC to Alberta Movers

The “Triangle Route” Travels from Vancouver to Calgary, then on to Edmonton. At OO movers, we have trucks that run the trip every two weeks, as well as every week during the summer. It is cheap and easy to load into a Triangle Route truck headed for Alberta, through Kelowna. Our local movers can help the long distance movers load the truck to save time and money on the stopover.

When you move long distance, your belongings are packed into a gigantic truck that is also carrying cargo from other clients. This is why it is such a great idea to take advantage of the long distance runs that are already passing through Kelowna. Book our fantastic long distance movers, and get a competitive per-pound rate on your move from Kelowna to Calgary or Edmonton.

Canadian Movers

Cross Canada movers are almost all experienced movers that have worked their way up to owning and operating their own trucks. Most long distance movers are Owner Operators but only a few of them belong to our organization, OO movers. Many of the rest haul for the big van lines who charge you a lot and keep most of the money for themselves. Our mission is to connect the consumer direct as possible to the men who actually do the work and build a positive relationship where the client saves money and the mover makes more. That sounds impossible, but it doesn’t need to be if you take the big boss man or brand name out of the picture.

Owner Operator Movers Vancouver has partners who regularly carry cargo between BC and Ontario, Toronto, Montreal and Eastern Canada. If your move is big or small give us a call and we will provide you with a fixed price long distance moving quote better than any.