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Low Prices & Quality Service

Low Prices

Quality Service

Rates from $89 per hour · No minimum time · No deposit

The ugly truth about movers

Most movers are underpaid and work slowly.

Our movers are shareholders!

We are motivated to work harder and faster.

The ugly truth

about movers

Most movers are

underpaid and unhappy.

Our movers

are shareholders!

We are motivated to

work harder and faster.

Legendary Reputation

1000's of positive reviews

22 Year Better Business Bureau Member

22 Year

Better Business
Bureau Member
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Meet Our Vancouver Movers

Meet Our
Vancouver Movers

The heart of our moving company

Back of Truck

Shawn P

Richmond, BC Movers

23 Positive Reviews

A few years ago, I started my career as a Vancouver mover with deliveries and small moves. Soon enough, my services were in high demand. I decided to go into business with a friend of mine who was also an experienced mover. Thanks to our superior moving skills and outstanding customer satisfaction rates, our moving company quickly grew and I was able to start my own business and haven't looked back since. I am happiest helping and meeting two or three new customers every day. I'm looking forward to helping you start the next chapter in your life.

Dan E

Delta, BC Movers

47 Positive Reviews

Most people think the hardest part of moving is the physical labor. However, it’s really about spatial reasoning. My crew and I are no better at picking the largest couch or armoire up, but where we stand apart is our exceptional ability to maneuver your belongings safely out of your home. My Vancouver moving team and I are experts at spatial reasoning, which is the ability to visualize how furniture and boxes will fit through doorways, hallways, and stairwells. We can also quickly assess the best way to pack a truck to maximize space and ensure that your items are secure during the move. As far as Vancouver moving companies are concerned, we're the mission impossible team and we will get your move done right.

Sheg A

Richmond, BC Movers

28 Positive Reviews

One time I moved a gigantic globe of the Earth into the lobby of a building in downtown Richmond. The material made it tough to get ahold of and pick up, and it couldn’t be rolled because it had delicate mountain ranges sticking out. Eventually, we got it wrapped in massive pads and resting on padded runners. This lets us start maneuvering it into and then out of the truck. I’m still proud to have pulled this move off without even minor damages. Your possessions are always in good hands as we always take the utmost care when moving them. Moving in Vancouver can be a challenge, but with the right team, it can be done with ease..

Jay E

Chilliwack, BC Movers

104 Positive Reviews

Moving appeals to my innate sense of order. I like to organize things and packing a truck is actually satisfying as you watch the rooms of the house empty out. It always amazes the clients that their whole life can be compressed into a giant rectangle, and it's a great feeling to know that you are helping them start a new chapter in their lives. Anyone can say they are a mover and it is true anyone can pick up a box, but real movers pride themselves on moving difficult objects. Hot tubs, pool tables, pianos, and safes are where a mover displays his experience most.

Ryne M

Pitt Meadows, BC Movers

76 Positive Reviews

MI started moving nearly 20 years ago. For the first while I worked with 12 different companies and learned a lot about the industry, but then decided to open up my own business. I bought my first truck a decade ago and am still going strong in Pitt Meadows. Moving keeps me interested because I get to meet new people and visit new places every day, and I love the challenge of finding the most efficient way to move a customer's belongings. I look forward to continuing to grow my business and helping more people move in the future.

Greg B

Delta, BC Movers

56 Positive Reviews

I have tried a lot of other jobs around Mission but none of them gave me the freedom of working for myself out in the field as long-distance moving does. Being out on the open road away from all bosses and hassles is very peaceful and satisfying. Every day brings new things and nothing is finer than watching the sunrise from behind the wheel. Truckers and long-distance movers are actually the last of the cowboys, and I'm proud to be a part of that. Let's just say I'm living the dream.

Jason C

North Vancouver, BC Movers

92 Positive Reviews

I started out moving odds and ends around North Vancouver in a borrowed friend’s truck as a side gig. Moving started to take up more and more of my time and I took the jump to start moving full-time in 2008. I bought my own truck and started working with Owner Operator Movers. I paid off my truck in no time and never looked back. Now I'm the proud owner of a successful moving company, and I'm still loving every minute of it. So, if you're looking for a reliable and experienced mover in North Vancouver, look no further than Owner Operator Movers.

Ian H

Abbotsford, BC Movers

152 Positive Reviews

I'm a retired Army veteran, and I have been in the moving business since 2005. The military has taught me about hard work and dedication which have proven to be fundamental over the years and is evidenced by my high rate of customer satisfaction. I joined the Owner-Operator Vancouver mover team in 2020 and since then I have grown to be one of the most highly rated companies on the platform. I really enjoy moving and meeting new people every day. I hope to be moving for a long to yet before my final retirement rolls around.

Twana R

Coquitlam, BC Movers

207 Positive Reviews

2020 MOVER OF THE YEAR! I will move your stuff efficiently and fast. I won't waste your time and I'll make sure your is home clean when we are finished. I have more than 10 years of experience in the moving industry and enjoy doing what I do. I am honored to be considered for the Mover of the Year award. I take great pride in my work and strive to provide the best service possible. I am committed to providing a safe and efficient move for my customers, and I always go the extra mile to ensure that their belongings are handled with care.

James T

New Westminster, BC Movers

27 Positive Reviews

I started my moving career doing deliveries for Ikea, but quickly decided to move on up to becoming a professional mover in New Westminster. I started working for a different Owner Operator and managed to learn quite a bit, not just about how to do the job, but how to do the job well. I saw how much I could make by striking out on my own, as long as I kept up excellent standards of service. After this, I decided to buy my own truck, start my own business, and join Owner Operator Movers myself.

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Owners Care

Owner Operator Movers Vancouver

Our movers own the company!

Owner Operator
Movers Vancouver

Our movers own the company!

Typical Employee Mover

Typical Employee Mover

  • Low wage labourer
  • Damage prone
  • Doesn't care about you

Most movers are unhappy

Low wages, no benefits or security, and brutally hard work make working for a moving company a last choice career. Employee movers are often unhappy and unskilled transient workers with a poor attitude. A mover that truly cares is often flaunted in advertising, but in reality, they are as rare as a unicorn.

Owner Operator Mover

Owner Operator Mover

  • Skilled and efficient
  • Pays for his mistakes
  • Commitment & trust

Attitude is everything

Owner Operator Movers love their work because they make great money and are their own bosses. They get to choose their helpers, who are often good friends or family and the entire team takes pride in their work. Owner Operators are happy movers, rarely seen in other moving companies.

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No Typical Mover Upcharges

No Upcharges!

No Minimum Time Billing by the minute
No Month-End Hike The same fair price every day
No Deposit Required Free cancellation
Mover of the Month
May 2024
Ian H
Abbotsford, BC Mover
152 Positive Reviews

Vancouver Local & Long Distance Movers

Movers near you or across Canada

Vancouver Local Movers

Owner Operator Movers began as local West End and East Van movers over 36 years ago, but today we have movers all over the Lower Mainland. Currently our busiest areas are Surrey and Langley but we also have movers on the North Shore working in North Vancouver and West Vancouver. Our movers in the Richmond group serve Ladner, Delta, and White Rock. The Tri-City movers team, based out of Coquitlam, also serve in Maple Ridge, Burnaby, and New Westminster. Up the Fraser Valley, our Abbotsford movers serve customers from Vancouver to Chilliwack.

Our Vancouver team is very experienced and professional. Most of our moves are household moves, apartment moves, and condominiums, but we are also very good at smaller moves from senior homes or working for stagers, decorator's, and movie production companies. We can also service all types of office moves, commercial moves, and deliveries.

BC Movers

Moving to another city in BC from Vancouver does not have to be an expensive, long-distance move. Our local crews can take you to Vancouver Island, the Okanagan, or the Sunshine Coast at economical local move rates. Long-distance movers will charge you much more because they have huge trucks and many expenses for traveling that are unnecessary for moves within Southern British Columbia.

When we take a customer to Victoria or Kelowna, we find the cheapest way to move is to load up the day before and then leave early in the morning before traffic. This approach avoids overnight charges for your crew. We take you to your new home and return the same day. Efficiency and good logistics are key to keeping your move cost affordable.

BC to Alberta Movers

The so called “Triangle Run” between BC and Alberta has long been a feature offered by the OO movers team. We have runs twice a month (and weekly in summer) between Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton. Often, we also carry cargo for Alberta customers to Victoria and Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. Because we have offices in all of our destination cities, we are able to support a regular scheduled system that keeps the cost low.

Moving between provinces is generally done in large trucks where your cargo is consolidated with several other clients to make the cost affordable for all. Because we ship so often we are usually able to carry your goods direct from your house to your new location without any costly extra warehousing and handling. We offer very competitive per-pound rates and outstanding service to help you relocate to your new province.

Canadian Movers

Cross Canada movers are almost all experienced movers that have worked their way up to owning and operating their own trucks. Most long distance movers are Owner Operators but only a few of them belong to our organization, OO movers. Many of the rest haul for the big van lines who charge you a lot and keep most of the money for themselves. Our mission is to connect the consumer direct as possible to the men who actually do the work and build a positive relationship where the client saves money and the mover makes more. That sounds impossible, but it doesn’t need to be if you take the big boss man or brand name out of the picture.

Owner Operator Movers Vancouver has partners who regularly carry cargo between BC and Ontario, Toronto, Montreal and Eastern Canada. If your move is big or small give us a call and we will provide you with a fixed price long distance moving quote better than any.

Vancouver Packing Service

Packing is the hardest part of moving and takes more time and effort than the average person has in their busy life. Our crews are experienced at packing and can make this painful task happen quickly and efficiently. Whether you just want us to pack a few treasures, the kitchen, or your entire home, our skilled packers will work with you to keep the cost low and take as little time as possible.

Our Vancouver Owner Operator movers are family men and care about the future of our planet so we encourage packing with used boxes and reusable plastic tubs if possible. Even the most efficient recycling system is not as green as directly reusing materials. Plastic tubs can be rented and many stores (Especially grocery and liquor stores) give away free boxes that can be reused for moving. Take advantage of the chance to save money and help save the planet!